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"""Bom module."""

[docs] def get_paths( client, file_=None, paths=None, skeletons=None, top_level=None, get_transforms=None, exclude_inactive=None, get_simpreps=None, ): """Get a hierarchy of components within an assembly. Even if you do not set exclude_inactive to true, the function will still exclude any components with a status of INACTIVE or UNREGENERATED. Args: client (obj): creopyson Client. `file_` (string, optional): file name, if not set, active model is used. paths (boolean, optional): Whether to return component paths for each component (default" : False) skeletons (boolean, optional): Whether to include skeleton components (default" : False) top_level (boolean, optional): Whether to return only the top-level components in the assembly. (default" : False) get_transforms (boolean, optional): Whether to return the 3D transform matrix for each component. (default" : False) exclude_inactive (boolean, optional): Whether to exclude components which do not have an ACTIVE status. (default" : False) get_simpreps (boolean, optionnal): Whether to return the Simplified Rep data for each component. (default" : False) Returns: Dict: file (string): Assembly file name generic (string): Generic name for the assembly children (object:BomChild): The hierarchy of component data, starting with the top-level assembly. has_simprep (boolean): Whether the assembly has a Simplified Rep. in `children` there is the `seq_path` which indicates the children level, ex: `root.3.2`. """ data = {} if file_ is not None: data["file"] = file_ else: active_file = client.file_get_active() if active_file: data["file"] = active_file["file"] if paths is not None: data["paths"] = paths if skeletons is not None: data["skeletons"] = skeletons if top_level is not None: data["top_level"] = top_level if get_transforms is not None: data["get_transforms"] = get_transforms if exclude_inactive is not None: data["exclude_inactive"] = exclude_inactive if get_simpreps is not None: data["get_simpreps"] = get_simpreps return client._creoson_post("bom", "get_paths", data)