• Download last release of Creoson Server for your system.
  • Run CreosonSetup and configure it with your Creo’s version.

If you want to launch Creo with Creoson, please create a nitro_proe_remote.bat file.

You can copy C:\Program Files\PTC\Creo x.x\Mxxx\Parametric\bin\parametric.bat and rename it nitro_proe_remote.bat anywhere you want.

To use Creopyson in a project:

import creopyson

Create a Client object and create a connection with Creoson:

c = creopyson.Client()

Verify is Creo is running:

c.is_creo_running() # Return a boolean.

Launch Creo:

c.start_creo("path to nitro_proe_remote.bat")

Basic usage:

current_directory = c.creo_pwd()  # return current working directory.
listfiles = c.creo_list_files() # return a list in the working directory.
listdirs = c.creo_list_dirs() # return a list of folders in the working directory.
c.creo_cd("new_folder")  # change working directory.
c.file_exists("my_file.prt")  # verify if `my_file.prt` exists.
c.file_open("my_file.prt", display=True)  # Open `my_file.prt` in Creo.
c.dimension_set("my_file.prt", "diamm", 180)  # Modify `diamm` dimension.
c.file_regenerate("my_file.prt")  # Regenerate file, raise `Warning` if regeneration fails.